The Shadow of His Wings

Over 3,000 years ago, God gave His people a blueprint revealing the mysteries of salvation.  Today, the sanctuary message retains its potency and power.  What will it mean for Earth’s final generation to stand by faith in the Most Holy Place?  What does the ark of the covenant reveal about Satan’s final deceptions, the order of events in the second coming, and how to experience righteousness by faith?  Drawing on lessons from Scripture and Spirit of Prophecy, The Shadow of His Wings takes a fascinating and compelling look at the sanctuary message for today.

Topics Include

  • Righteousness by Faith
  • The Marriage of the High Priest
  • The Hiding Place and the Ark of the Covenant
  • The Most Holy Place and the Second Coming

See a life-size replica of the ark of the covenant!
Bible truth is brought to life with our replica of the ark of the covenant.  This breath-taking work of art features two custom-sculpted cherubim, a finely-crafted ark, engraved granite ten commandments, and beatiful fabric veil. 

This seminar is available as a single-day or weekend seminar.

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