• Episode 39. What Happens When We Die? Part 2

      What happens when we die? This question has haunted the human race since we began thinking about such things. Perhaps it has scared or concerned you as well. Today's episode of "Pictures of the End" investigates the Biblical evidence about what happens when we die. You may be surprised to discover that the answer is found in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ!

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Current events.  Bible prophecy.  Ancient history.  How does it all fit together? 

"Pictures of the End" is a fresh new radio show and podcast produced by Pathway to Paradise Ministries.  Join host Tim Rumsey each week and discover what the Bible says about our world today.  Each episode explores a "picture" of today's world through the lens of Bible prophecy, history, and current events.  Join Dr. Rumsey and guests each week to learn what the Bible really teaches about the religious, political, natural, and social forces at work in our world.  The truth may surprise you!

Listen online, via podcast, or on the airwaves!  If you would like to have "Pictures of the End" broadcast locally near you, or if you are the manager of a radio station and are interested in carrying this program, please contact Pathway to Paradise Ministries.

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