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"Living in the Final Week" MP3 Disc

Brand: Pathway to Paradise Ministries
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Living in the Final Week is a Bible study experience that unlocks the key to Revelation’s mysterious prophecies about Earth’s last great conflict.  Discover how all of history is summarized in Jesus Christ’s life, and how the events of His final week were in fact prophecies of the last great battle between good and evil.  In this series, you will see that we are living today in the “final week” of time, and that God is calling you to walk with Jesus today! This CD-ROM contains 24 audio files in MP3 format.

Topics Include:

  • When the Towers Fall
  • The Final Week of Time
  • Israel and the Body of Christ
  • Pentecost and Heaven’s Temple
  • The Sign of Sanctification
  • Among the Wild Beasts
  • Lazarus and the Protestant Reformation
  • The Triumphal Entry and the Advent Awakening
  • In the Temple
  • Thunder From Heaven
  • Caiaphas and the False Prophet
  • Judas and the Fall of Babylon
  • and many more!

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