"The Hour of His Judgment Is Come..."

Disasters of every kind are rapidly increasing in our world today.  Are these simply indications of a world in decay, or do they reveal the judgments of an angry God?  How does God respond to sin?  Is His judgment something to be feared, or can we actually find joy in God's judgment?  "Fire From Heaven" is a four-episode video series accompanied by group discussion guides and presentation slides.  Study together and share the joy of God's judgment with your family, friends, co-workers, and church!

Discover the Seven Steps of God's Judgment!

Throughout history, God has always followed the same seven-step sequence in His response to sin.  Discover this pattern as it is revealed in the stories of Genesis, track it through history and see it played out in the life of Christ.  Finally, follow the seven steps in Revelation as God's final end-time judgment is revealed in prophecy, and understand where we are today in the judgment sequence.



Present "Fire from Heaven" LIVE At Your Church!

Please contact us if you would like Pathway to Paradise Ministries to "Fire From Heaven" live at your church.  This is the perfect way to share the present-truth message of God's judgment with your community!  Our seminars last  a couple of hours or an entire weekend.  Please contact us for more information.

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Fire From Heaven DVD


The "Fire From Heaven" DVD contains videos and additional study resources and will enable you to study alone, in small groups, or with your entire church.  Included on this DVD:

  • Four 30-minute high-definition video episodes of "Fire From Heaven"
  • Color study guides in PDF format to accompany each video episode
  • Presentation slides (in Powerpoint, Keynote, and JPG formats) to facilitate group study and discussion
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Study Guides

Watch the video, then study and share with your family, friends, and church!  Study guides are available to facilitate group study and discussion.  Download study guides for free, or purchase a printed pack from our store.

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Fire From Heaven Study Guides

Presentation Slides

The "Fire From Heaven" presentation slides will enable group study and discussion after watching each video episode.  The slides, Bible verses, and accompanying questions are designed to encourage open and "safe" discussion with no wrong answers!  This is a perfect way to let members of your study group connect with each other.  Slides are available in Powerpoint format, are included in the DVD, and can also be downloaded for free.

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